Instructions on how to prepare a room for the installation of an IKEA kitchen

If you are remodeling your kitchen by yourself, the best way to start the process is to make sure to be prepared in advance. The time you spend planning every single detail beforehand will pay off throughout the entire renovation process you will face afterward. But it is also important to carefully follow all the advice and instructions given in terms of preparing your room for kitchen cabinet installation correctly. IKEA has created simple IKEA kitchen assembly instructions, allowing its consumers to assemble any kitchen within a short span of time.

Since the process of renovation performed without a professional’s assistance and involvement can be a bit complicated, IKEA kitchen remodel requires following certain steps and side tips to avoid unexpected and unsolvable situations. We have created simple basic kitchen drawer assembly instructions accompanied by all the necessary explanations.

Preparing the room

Before following cabinet installation instructions, you need to make sure to prepare your room for the process. All the walls and floors ought to be even, thus suitable to strongly support the kitchen cabinets you are going to install afterward.

What you need to do first is to find the highest point of the floor and carefully mark the spot on the wall so that it is visible to you. Later, this will be the point from which is necessary to measure the correct level work height for kitchen cabinets. Finding the required spot will help you make sure that any adjustments to the plinth will not be needed afterward.

Kitchen remodeling IKEA requires thorough wall checking. To be able to find out whether your kitchen walls are even, the spirit level or the rail can be used accordingly.

In case you notice a gap somewhere, you will have to make the wall even before fixing the rail or the cabinets to that wall.

IKEA kitchen assembly instructions

Make sure to use a tri-square when you check out all the corners in the kitchen as all of them ought to have a 90-degree angle. Afterward proceed with checking out the wall in order to find out whether it is strong enough to support the kitchen you are to build, following IKEA cabinet installation instructions. In this case, an electric stud finder comes in handy in terms of finding a hidden stud or a beam for the rail you are going to fasten later.

check out all the corners in the kitchen as all of them ought to have a 90-degree angle

Layout drawing

After having performed all the necessary procedures described above, it is high time you drew the layout on the wall, which you will need when following the detailed IKEA metod kitchen installation guide. Make sure to use the drawing that you have received in the store along with other IKEA kitchen assembly parts. The drawing will show you the spots where each kitchen cabinet ought to be placed. Keep in mind that you should always start from the corner. In the meantime, make sure to check out if you have water, electricity, as well as ventilation connections on the required spots.

IKEA metod kitchen installation guide

Thereafter, it is high time you fastened the rails onto the kitchen walls. This is the perfect time to use the highest point of the floor you have marked previously to delineate the correct height for your lower rail.

Kitchen connections on the required spots

In this case, we got 82 centimeters. Before proceeding to detailed cabinet installation instructions any further, measure the height for the upper rail. Here we got 222 centimeters as in this case we are to install a two hundred and twenty high kitchen cabinet, thus make sure to check out the height of your kitchen cabinets in advance in order to mark out the correct measurements. Remember that those measurements are to the bottom of the rails.

Keep in mind that:

  • Certain kitchen cabinets are not designed to be mounted on the rail.
  • It is also vital to have no more than thirty centimeters distance between each screw. Such a gap allows ensuring the bearing capacity of the rail.
cabinet installation instructions

Following the comprehensive kitchen remodeling IKEA guide, make sure to use a screw with a flat bottom when fixing the rail to the kitchen wall. The fitting plate you receive with the rail ought to be properly locked onto the screw. It should be placed horizontally, allowing you to adjust the height of the rail.

distance between each screw

In case the wall surface is uneven, the spaces ought to be put between the rail and the kitchen wall.

the kitchen wall

If you want to avoid the risk of making the rail visible behind the outer construction, make sure to leave a space of somewhat fifteen millimeters between the sides of the outer kitchen cabinet and the end of the rail you have installed. Apart from that, the left space will be useful for your electrician in terms of installing kitchen lighting cables.

the sides of the outer kitchen cabinet

Another important step in IKEA kitchen assembly instructions is setting the upper rail length, which usually depends on the kitchen cabinet type you are to install close to the corner.

IKEA metod kitchen installation guide

As soon as you have performed all the necessary procedures, properly preparing your kitchen walls for any further installations, it is time to follow cabinet installation instructions. IKEA kitchen cabinets usually come in two basic colors, as follows:

  • Black-brown.
  • White.

The kitchen cabinets are made of thick particleboard eighteen millimeters long, as well as melamine. Dowel and cam constructions are also added to the kitchen cabinets, ensuring harshness and strength. Using simple assembly tools and following provided kitchen drawer assembly instructions, you will not need any particular experience to build the kitchen of your dreams. Using a drill or an electric screwdriver requires checking out the adjusted level, which comes in handy in terms of avoiding breaking the melamine.

kitchen drawer assembly instructions

Keep in mind that each IKEA cabinet delivered to you serves a particular purpose in your kitchen. Some kitchen cabinets are specifically designed to hold a kitchen oven, sink, or hob. As a result of that, those come with a special rail. The rail is usually installed in the front, whereas the ventilation grid is placed in the back. It is vital to read the IKEA metod kitchen installation guide thoroughly to perform the correct assembly.

Remember to use a tri-square to check out the angle of the kitchen cabinet, making sure it is totally correct.

IKEA metod kitchen installation guide

In case you are planning on mounting kitchen cabinets straight on the wall surface, meaning without any space between the wall and the construction, all the fittings must be put in a different position during the kitchen cabinet assembly performed by a careful reading of the provided IKEA cabinet installation instructions.

IKEA cabinet installation instructions

The kitchen cabinet for a built-in extractor ought to be installed without its bottom piece. However, you will need the bottom piece in order to make the entire construction rigid and stable enough to assemble.

The base cabinet, which is twenty centimeters wide, must be installed particularly carefully. In case it is going to have a pullout construction within the solution, kitchen cabinet installers highly recommend careful installation of the pullout to be performed at the same time as the kitchen cabinet assembly. In different circumstances, you will have to use a different screwdriver in terms of attaching it to the cabinet effortlessly. Furthermore, for the same reason, in case the kitchen cabinet is installed as an outer piece and contains a cover panel that is attached to it, the cover panel is highly recommended to be fixed during the construction assembly.

IKEA METOD Kitchen Installation

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