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Fitness Equipment Assembly and Installation

A home gym or fitness equipment purchase often requires assembly and installation. Ultra Assembly proudly offers professional fitness equipment assembly services to our New York and New Jersey clients. We know that your safety and the life of your equipment depend on proper installation, and our skilled experts apply their experience and familiarity with dozens of manufacturers’ models to provide top-rated fitness equipment installation services.

Our expert fitness equipment installers can safely and efficiently put any type of equipment together:

  • Treadmills: It is necessary to install treadmills on a flat, even surface, properly connect the control panel, and pay special attention to the stability of the unit.
  • Cycling exercisers and ellipticals: These machines will arrive as a series of mechanical parts that must be correctly connected for safe and effective use.
  • Rowers and weight machines: Fitness equipment assembly here involves the installation of the base, fasteners, levers, stacks, wiring cables, and other elements.

Assembling these and similar types of fitness equipment requires experience, relentless attention to detail, and a commitment to safety. Our dedicated team members install each piece of fitness equipment as if their own family members would be using it. Your safety is our top priority.

Whether you require indoor or outdoor installation, trust our fitness equipment assembly experts to get the job done right. Call us, or request a quote online for your fitness equipment installation service today!

We guarantee the quality of all services to our clients