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TV wall mounting NYC is a popular service offered by Ultra Assembly. When buying a new TV, you will surely face a difficult installation task if you decide to mount it on a wall. However, do not rush to roll up your sleeves and do this work yourself. TV wall mounting requires professional knowledge and experience as well as professional tools.

TV mounting service NYC will ensure the safety of your purchase — a plasma TV can weigh over 46 lbs, and improper installation can cost you the price of an expensive LED or LCD device.

TV wall mount installation advantages

Modern flat screens look much more attractive on the wall, where they do not take up extra space, and provide convenient viewing of your favorite movies and shows. The installation process involves more than just drilling holes in the wall. Before you mount the device on the wall, you need to choose the optimal place, height, and suitable mount. For example, if your aim is to achieve a discreet appearance, a flat-to-wall mount may be perfect for your room.

Mounting the TV on the wall has the following advantages:

  • Comfortable use. This placement option is considered convenient because you can install the TV on the wall at any height with no need for an additional stand for it.
  • Saving space and money. No need to purchase cabinets or a TV stand will free up more space in the room. Also, it will save the family budget on purchasing additional furniture. The price of the mount is much lower than the furniture.
  • Safe use. To ensure this condition, the TV mounting company needs to competently approach the installation. This is essential to plan the location of the device in advance because, it’s necessary to place the plasma on the wall in such a manner as to have no hanging wires. This will remove the potential risk of a child or pet tugging on the hanging wires and accidentally pulling the screen down. The placement of the outlet and other necessary outputs should also be considered.
  • A part of the room’s decor. A widescreen plasma TV is considered an integral part of modern high-tech or fusion interiors.

In addition to the height, it is also important to choose the right distance to the screen. The amount of time that can be spent comfortably watching TV without inducing eye fatigue will depend on this parameter.

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TV mounting services Brooklyn

TV mounting services from genuine pros

We know that a big-screen TV is the dream of every sports fan, film aficionado, or family looking for a fun way to come together.

  • Is seeking reliable TV mounting services near me for a wall installation a priority for you?
  • Do you care about the reliability and durability of your device?
  • Do you appreciate a high level of service and warranty?

Then you are in the right place!

TV mounting NYC should be done by a skilled technician who knows all the ins and outs of this work. Trying to do everything on your own can result in unfortunate mishaps for you, your family members, and pets. Moreover, there is a high chance of damage to an expensive TV and potential injury in the event of improper mounting.

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Why choose us

Proper TV mount installation determines product performance as well as user safety and comfort. Our specialists deliver professional TV wall mount installation service that guarantees a high quality of work and your full satisfaction.

The advantages of contacting us include:

  • State-of-the-art tools that allow our technicians to do the job quickly and efficiently
  • Work is performed by experienced, knowledgeable staff
  • Timely arrival and efficient installation
  • Precision and accuracy when handling high-end equipment
  • Work methods with minimal impact that respect the owner’s home
  • Affordable TV mount installation cost
  • A 90-day warranty that shows we stand behind our work

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We guarantee the quality of all services to our clients

We guarantee the quality of all services to our clients