Wall bed and Murphy bed installation service in New York

People always try to use the living space to the maximum, but the number of necessary items in everyday life only increases every year. In the teenager’s room, it’s important to provide space for studying and accommodation of textbooks, and in the children’s room – for the many toys that childhood requires.

Now you can see such a bed in almost every house and evaluate the benefits that it brings to all family members. The apartment acquires more useful space, room for entertaining friends appears, and a person has more opportunities to relax and have fun.

Murphy bed installation

Not every user will be able to independently assemble such a bulky and heavy design. Moreover, it is possible to damage an expensive product in an attempt to save on specialty services.

Do not waste your time, and enjoy sleeping on a new bed today, using the services of Ultra professionals.

If you decide to do the installation yourself, we recommend that you study the design in advance and invite a friend who can help, as hideaway beds are often bulky. A bed with a mechanism is sold with a ready-made set of materials and details for installation. It has all the holes and grooves, which need to be connected with accessories. But here it is important to follow the sequence and adhere to the scheme developed by the manufacturer. One more point – to carry out final setup alone is rather difficult. You will also need a tool for fixing the design of the hideaway bed to the wall. To assemble the bed itself, a standard set of tools is suitable.

Why you should entrust the assembly of a bed with a mechanism to us

  1. There are no impossible tasks for our carpenters. We assemble Murphy beds – of any size, weight and brand of production.
  2. We carry out not only assembly, but also furniture repair, correct errors of prior unprofessional assembly.
  3. We take into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer, so you are 100% satisfied with the result.
  4. We work expeditiously — we will assemble a bed in just one hour.
  5. The prices for assembly of wall bed installation in New York from “Ultra” are the most favorable.

We guarantee the quality of all services to our clients

wall bed installation in New York
wall bed installation in New York

Interesting facts about wall beds

Psychologists have proven that one person needs about 20-30 square meters to feel inner harmony and happiness. And it is important that this area should be as spacious and bright as possible. That is why many interior designers suggest a wall bed for a new apartment.

It has already been verified for decades that such a bed will be an excellent solution not only to save space in your apartment, but also to completely transform your life for the better.

A bit of Murphy bed history

William Murphy was the first to think about this problem of mankind in 1918. The result of his thoughts was the invention of a transforming bed. It was he who seriously thought about the lack of space in the house and came up with a way to increase the spaciousness of the apartment. William creatively approached the task: instead of demolishing the walls or throwing out all the excess, he came up with a special mechanism that would help turn the bed from horizontal to vertical. It was this mechanism that became the basis for further development of wardrobe beds, and its modification later helped create an equally important subject of modern interior design – a table bed, which is why this type of bed is still called Murphy bed.

We guarantee the quality of all services to our clients