How to assemble and disassemble furniture for your move

The moving process is one of the most demanding and challenging tasks one can confront. It requires taking into consideration various aspects at a time and conducting the process wisely. One of the most common questions in the industry is usually related to furniture disassembly and reassembly and whether it is necessary to do or not. The moving experts highly recommend trusting such a challenging task to a team of professional movers. Due to their many-year experience in the industry and having performed various tasks, skilled moving specialists will be able to perform adequate furniture disassembly, avoiding damaging customer’s pieces of furniture.

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Affordable furniture assembly and disassembly services available to be booked

Our company offers a wide range of moving services, including furniture disassembly services. The team of our facility can professionally disassemble various types of furniture that is very difficult to transport without having previously disassembled it. Having 20 years of rich experience behind us, the customers can fully rely on our professional assistance by trusting us with their bulky and fragile items to be transported. We perform disassembly of an extensive range of furniture items that ought to be properly prepared before being moved. Whether you are moving locally or within a long distance, our team is to maintain any challenging process wisely and professionally.

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Crucial reasons to assemble and disassemble furniture

Some individuals wonder whether it is obligatory to disassemble and reassemble pieces of furniture before getting them transported to their new place. There are various reasons why we consider this process not only obligatory but also highly recommended:

  • Large items. The majority of large items in the house were assembled in the room where they stand as they would not have fitted the doorway if you had assembled them in another room. To be able to move those safely, they ought to be taken apart. By doing so, we avoid damaging not only the furniture pieces but also the doorways. The time required to take apart a particular piece of furniture depends on its complexity and size.
  • The tools. Another reason why one should hire a professional moving company to maintain the process is the lack of necessary tools. Depending on the complexity of the item, you can never predict what kind of working tool is required to do the job properly. The furniture disassembly moving facility always possesses all the necessary tools to take apart any piece of furniture effortlessly.
  • The time. Due to the many-year experience of moving specialists, it is always better to hire a professional team to save your time and nerves. They specialize in working with complex and even antique items and thus can easily deal with such delicate items. Within the shortest period of time, the team will disassemble the required pieces of furniture, saving the customer extra time.

By taking apart the large items, we avoid damaging the pieces of furniture that are to be reassembled when you move to a new place. By allowing them to fit through the doorway of your new apartment and making them easily suitable for the elevators and staircases, we make sure you get your furniture installed in the appropriate room.

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What items does the furniture disassembly service cover?

Not all pieces of furniture ought to be taken apart before being moved to another place. When conducting the moving process, you may find out that some of the items travel best when they have been previously disassembled, whereas some items do not require disassembly before getting loaded into the truck. Our skilled and experienced movers that disassemble and reassemble furniture take apart the following pieces of furniture:

  • Shelves. The bookshelves, especially the large ones, usually take up lots of space in the room and thus are to be disassembled before being transported.
  • Desks. It may be impossible to get a large desk through the doorway when loading customer’s pieces of furniture into the moving truck. Therefore, desks are also to be taken apart. It is important to remove the large legs of the desk so as to make the whole piece more compact and ready to be loaded into the vehicle.
  • Sofas. The specialists of our facility deliver rapid and professional sofa disassembly and reassembly services, working with an extensive range of sofas and couches for living rooms. Regardless of their complexity and upholstery, we will be able to take them apart within a short period of time.
  • File cabinets. This type of furniture tends to be very heavy due to the long-lasting material used when manufacturing it. Therefore, the file cabinets are obligatory to be dismantled before getting loaded into the moving vehicle. Moreover, it is crucial to empty and remove the drawers beforehand.
  • Other pieces of furniture. Depending on what kind of furniture is required to be disassembled, our company is ready to discuss the price of the service based on the complexity of the item. For the record, we work with an extensive range of modern furniture, using screwdrivers and other key tools to perform the task on a professional level.

The team of our experts disassemble and assemble furniture for different purposes, following the needs and requirements of the clientele. We specialize in dealing with various types of furniture, whether it is office furniture or one for your home comfort.

Furniture disassembly and reassembly service as an integrated part of the moving process

The disassembly service available at our facility is just a part of the services covering a safe and effortless moving process. The experts of our service are here to provide each customer with the precise moving estimate, disassembly and packing services, as well as unloading and reassembly assistance. We disassemble and move furniture, using a wide range of additional tools to avoid any damage and satisfy the needs of each client regardless of the complexity of the move.