Kitchen Assembly services in New York by professional installers

The installation of furniture in the kitchen is a responsible process, no matter you need simple kitchen cabinet assembly or a more complicated installation task. A poorly fixed hanging cabinet, an ill-conceived installation solution that increases the risk of head injuries, an unevenly mounted countertop will cause constant irritation to the hostess and can lead to unwanted damage to the body.

kitchen assembly service in NYC

The advantages of professional kitchen assembly service

Skilled kitchen assembly specialists from our company plan every step in our work, taking into account the design features of the room. Having enough experience and knowledge our technicians use only high-quality tools and fasteners during installation. Also, striving to deliver the utmost convenience to our customers and for their peace of mind, we establish a warranty period after installation, during which it is possible to eliminate or change certain points of the assembled kitchen. These works are free of charge.

Do you want the doors of evenly hung cabinets to open silently, the drawers function easily, and the “filling” in the form of retractable and hinged components to work fully? We are ready to work hard for your benefit by installing a set of kitchen furniture and connecting the necessary equipment.

Applying to our company offering kitchen furniture assembly you can rest assured to receive services corresponding with high requirements and standards due to the advanced approach and professional skills of our furniture assembly experts.

Installing kitchen cabinets is the most difficult and requires more labor-intensive when it comes to furniture assembling. With the whole set delivered, installation takes approximately two days depending on the kitchen’s unit size. Our company offers different kinds of services:

  • kitchen cabinets disassembling;
  • assembling cabinets;
  • installation of kitchen cabinets either for business or private individuals;
  • we are not limited to standard kitchen installation schemes and work with individual projects and orders.

We guarantee the quality of all kinds of our services to our clients

High-quality work and customer satisfaction are our top priorities, therefore, our cabinet-makers are equipped with all the tools necessary for top-quality installation of assembled kitchen cabinets. We completely understand how essential it is for you to make the entire assembling and installation process as smooth and easy as possible. Therefore, with us, you will avoid all kitchen furniture-related issues.

Our experienced and professional technicians can reliably perform the necessary installation tasks considering all their specifics and nuances. Our employees are well-trained and have a wide range of knowledge of technologies and methods of furniture assembly, including IKEA cabinet installation. They are always polite and friendly. Understanding the willingness of the customer to have kitchen furniture that will serve many years, they always ready to explain, provide necessary pieces of advice and hints regarding correct maintenance and care to prolong furniture service life.

Trust your kitchen assembly to genuine pros, get a free quote

Quotation depends on modules amount, their size, furniture material, the complexity of structures, the number of fasteners, and decorative elements. Also, if additional services like wall drilling for installation of suspended cabinets, shelves, etc., are required. You can find out the quote for kitchen furniture and installation, including RTA cabinet assembly calling our customer service or online.

No matter the complexity of the kitchen furniture assembling task you need, we always have an understanding of the needs of our customers ensuring safe and hassle-free installation solutions. Our experienced handymen are ready to provide our clients with useful recommendations as well as guidelines strongly supporting them informatively.

During the whole installation process, experienced IKEA installers from our company believe that it is important to take into consideration all the wishes and demands of our customers, as well as answer their questions after the job is done. Moreover, to make all our assembly services affordable, we keep competitive prices without compromising their quality and effectiveness. Low-quality, overcharging and over-promising are not about us.

Looking forward to your reply, we provide nothing but the best Ikea kitchen assembly service.

We strictly follow the guidance of the manufacturer. Carefulness, operability, and high quality guaranteed.

Please note:

We do not do electrical or plumbing work and do not install kitchen appliances such as sinks, stoves, refrigerators, etc.

We guarantee the quality of all kinds of our services to our clients