Kitchen Assembly in New York by professional installers is the best solution

IKEA Assembly Service in NYC

The installation of furniture in the kitchen is a responsible process. A poorly fixed hanging cabinet, an ill-conceived installation solution that increases the risk of head injuries, an unevenly mounted countertop will cause constant irritation to the hostess and can lead to unwanted damage to the body.

We plan every step in our work, taking into account the design features of the room, and we use high-quality fasteners during installation. For customer peace of mind, we establish a warranty period after installation, during which it is possible to eliminate or change certain points. These works are free of charge.

Do you want the doors of evenly hung cabinets to open silently, the drawers function easily, and the “filling” in the form of retractable and hinged components work fully? We are ready to work hard for your benefit by installing a set of kitchen furniture and connecting the necessary equipment.

Mounting the shelves and wall mounted furniture
Mounting the shelves and wall mounted furniture

Installing kitchen cabinets are the most difficult and requires more labor-intensive when it comes to furniture assembling. With the whole set delivered, Installation takes approximately two days depending on the kitchen’s unit size. Our company offers different kinds of services: assembling/ disassembling and installation of kitchen cabinets either for organizations or private individuals. Our cabinet-makers have all the tools needed for high-quality work,” which is our priority”. Quotation depends on modules amount, necessity of additional services provision e.g. Wall drilling for installation suspended cabinets, shelves etc.

Looking forward for your reply, we provide nothing but the best.

We strictly follow the guidance of the manufacturer. Carefulness, operability and high quality guaranteed.

Please note:
We do not do electrical or plumbing work and do not install kitchen appliances such as sinks, stoves, refrigerators, etc.

We guarantee the quality of all kinds of our services to our clients