How to install IKEA kitchen cabinets

Installing kitchen cabinets is a process that requires being extra careful and considering certain vital aspects. Planning significant kitchen remodeling ought to be accompanied by simple tips from professionals, even though you may be doing the entire job by yourself. IKEA has created simple tips and instructions on how to hang cabinet on the wall effortlessly, thus design your kitchen as best as you can with stylish kitchen cabinets set. IKEA kitchen furniture serves a variety of purposes, allowing storing glassware, food, kitchen appliances, and many other things. But it is highly important to know how to install kitchen cabinets by yourself. Here is a simple tutorial accompanied by detailed instructions that are very easy to follow along.

Mounting IKEA wall cabinets

Before proceeding to the process of cabinet mounting, make sure to consider cable management. Those will be the spots where you need to have lighting, as well as where you want the cable to come out from the kitchen cabinet. Keep in mind that the power source ought to be located nearby so that you could easily connect the cable. Before mounting IKEA wall cabinets, check them out thoroughly as some of them need to be prepared for sockets beforehand.

How to installing ikea kitchen cabinets

Proceed to measure the spot where you are planning on cutting a hole in the back piece of the construction. Glass cabinets, for instance, are already prepared for the spotlight, ensuring that the cable runs easily between the rail and the kitchen cabinet.

As soon as you have prepared both kitchen cabinets and the cables, proceed to mount the wall cabinets. Always begin in the corner of your kitchen. If you are wondering how to install kitchen cabinets on concrete walls, the procedure remains the same. It is always recommended to start from the corner. Afterward, follow with the remaining IKEA kitchen cabinets. Once they hang on the rail, you will notice that it is possible to slide them in terms of doing smaller adjustments.

But before you fix kitchen cabinets to the wall surface, you need to check out whether they are aligned on all sides:

  • Underneath.
  • On top.
  • In front.

However, if you find it challenging to align the kitchen cabinets, make sure to untie the wall brackets just a little bit.

wall brackets just a little bit

Carry on with the corner solution when mounting the wall cabinets as base cabinets.

cornewall cabinets as base cabinets

Afterward, follow with the rest set of the base cabinets and adjust them accordingly. It is highly important that you aligned them just like the previous set of kitchen cabinets, as well as connected the legs.

How to install kitchen cabinets and countertops

After having performed all the procedures described above, you can now proceed to the kitchen cabinet’s legs assemble. Make sure to follow the instructions you have been provided along with the assembling box. The cabinet legs have a plate that connects to the kitchen cabinet, as well as a ring that ensures the plinth can be installed correctly.

Remember that there are two ways you can stick the leg plate onto the cabinet construction.

  • Between two cabinets. It allows evening out the pressure that comes from the actual weight of the kitchen cabinet.
  • At the edge of the outer IKEA cabinet.
kitchen cabinet when it is hanging on the wall surface

The plate can be easily fixed to the kitchen cabinet when it is hanging on the wall surface. Afterward, just put on the leg.

Afterward, just put on the leg

Keep in mind that the same procedure remains if you are wondering how to install kitchen cabinets on plaster walls. On the other hand, if you are going for cover panels in terms of installing them on high cabinets, keep in mind that it is necessary to mount them before installing the high cabinet on the rail you have prepared in advance.

install kitchen cabinets and countertops

Thereafter, measure the spot where you can make the room for the rail. Do not forget to adjust the plate of the kitchen cabinet leg so it could easily fit the extended width created by using a cover panel. Proceed to hang the high cabinet on the rail. Afterward, do not forget to fix the high cabinet and cover panel together.

Some of the IKEA kitchen cabinets can be mounted on the wall without a rail. If you are looking for mounting such types of cabinets alongside the cabinets that hang on the previously installed rail, you can use the plastic spacers. The spaces usually come with the cabinet alongside detailed assembly instructions.

how to install kitchen cabinets handles

They will allow you to ensure that the distance between the wall and the kitchen cabinet is equal to the distance for the cabinets that hang on the rail.

When working with the tutemo kitchen cabinet, you will need to fix the plastic spaces to the back surface so as to make sure the entire construction hangs at the same distance from the wall as the other cabinets hanging next to it. Remember that the tutemo cabinets have the cam locks, which can be visible as little as possible, depending on the way you decide to mount the cabinet:

  • On the top of the frame in case, you are planning on installing the cabinets on the low level.
  • On the bottom frame, if the tutemo cabinet is going to be sitting higher on the kitchen wall.

The fittings can be hidden with the plastic covers in terms of achieving a more aesthetic appearance when installing base cabinets and other types of IKEA cabinets you went for.

Proceed with mounting cabinets on the wall surface. Make sure to follow the same procedure as with the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

install kitchen cabinets by yourself

We have already shown how to assemble the cabinet that you are going to mount on the wall without having previously installed the rail. In case you have already assembled such a cabinet in terms of hanging it on the wall rail, but now have changed your mind, this is how you can effortlessly adjust it.

  • Change the position of the fittings.
  • Remove the plastic spacers so as to enable the kitchen cabinet is hanging close to the wall.
  • Make sure to use a piece of tape in order to prevent the plastic fittings from falling out when you decide to carry the construction to the kitchen wall.

If you are interested in how to install kitchen cabinets hardware or have other assembly questions, IKEA has come with detailed instructions regarding all the essential aspects of kitchen assembly performed without the involvement of a professional repairman.

Kitchen Installation - Installing the cabinets

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