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Murphy bed and Wall bed installation service in NYC

Making room for a growing family can be a challenge in a city apartment. Our professionals can help you make the most of your space with innovative wall bed (i.e., Murphy bed) solutions.

IKEA Delivery Service

We perform our scope of works better and cheaper than similar companies in New York.

We will help you to transport IKEA furniture in New York and New Jersey, and mount it, upon your request.

IKEA Assembly Service in NYC

However, if you are not a professional furniture assembler, you might face some problems such as lack of experience or necessary tools. That is why many people use IKEA Assembly Service when they buy IKEA furniture.

Office Assembly Services

A high quality office furniture enables comfortability, good working condition and work capacity for workers in an office, our priority is to provide such service so we take severe precaution during installation by allowing only professionals in assembling.

Kitchen Assembly Services

Kitchen Assembly Services

Kitchen cabinets are the most difficult and requires more labor-intensive when it comes to furniture assembling. With the whole set delivered, Installation takes approximately two days depending on the kitchen’s unit size.

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Our goal is to save you time, money and effort – having you quickly enjoying your furniture instead of cursing it!

We have highly trained installers who arrive with their own tools, present themselves in a professional manner and work in a clean organized fashion. Your home will be left spotless and you can immediately enjoy your new furnishings. We pride ourselves in our work and do not work on volume like some of our competition. Every project is special and we want to provide the best overall result for you, your family or office.


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