Swing set and playsets, playgrounds installation

Swing set and playsets, playgrounds installation in New York

Playground installation is one of our favorite services to offer our clients. Every summer, there’s an uptick in calls from our New Jersey and Connecticut clients who are looking to install a swing set, playground or jungle gym. With more people staying home more of the time, there’s a greater need to make the most of your home, and give your children an opportunity to play safely.

Safety is a top priority for our installation experts. We know the importance of building a playground on a solid, level foundation, and we’ve helped clients correct slanted surfaces before beginning any assembly services. Playground sets come with dozens of parts to assemble and even more pieces that keep it all together. We triple check every step of the process to ensure sturdiness and reliability. Your children’s safety is top of mind for our dedicated team.

When it’s all done and dusted, we love seeing the joy our work brings our youngest customers! Whether it’s a trampoline for a fun-loving couple or an elaborate playset for a curious pre-schooler, Ultra Assembly gets the work done efficiently and to the highest standard, so our clients can just have fun!

We guarantee the quality of all services to our clients


How long will it take to assemble my item(s)?

It depends on the complexity of the item(s). For bigger jobs we send 2 or more techs to speed up the process.

Will you contact me prior to arriving?

Yes. We will keep you updated on the progress on your delivery/assembly time and will call you before arriving.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept personal checks, cash, online and all major credit cards. Please note that a 3% processing fee applies to all credit card payments.