Amazon and Costco TV Mount Review + Mantel Mount Instructions

Are you wondering which TV mount might be best for you? Guess you are. And with many years of experience using all the different brands, we are going to go over our favorite and most used TV mounts on Amazon. As professional assemblers, we use a ton of TV mounts and get asked all the time which TV mounts are best to use for this particular TV and specific installs. So, we are going to go over all of the TV mounts that we mostly use from Amazon and even a very unique product the Mantle mount.

Things necessary to know before choosing a TV mount

It’s about to get crazy with some awesome TV reviews and giant TV installs, so TV mounts have changed quite a bit over the years to accommodate the thinner and lighter OLEDs and Q-LED TVs. 10 years ago mounts were built for hulking around like the giant SONY Bravia and the Panasonic plasmas.

They had like a 250-pound rating and many were super expensive and in addition to the size and weight of the TVs. The VESA pattern of your TV is very important. It has changed over the years to become much more standard. The VESA pattern is the bolt pattern on the back of the TV for the mount to attach to:

  • the first number is the width from left to right;
  • the second number is the height of the pattern from top to bottom holes.
The VESA pattern of your TV is very important

So, since TVs are lighter and because the VESA patterns are now more uniform the mount manufacturers have been able to shrink down the TV mounts to be efficient and much lower priced. However, now it’s a game of finding a strong and quality TV mount from the many lower-priced options. So, once you have the size of the VESA pattern and understanding that now you can get a low price mount you need to decide what kind of mount you need.

Moreover, what do you need it to do, i.e. do you need the TV just to sit flat against the wall or sit flat and tilt down because it might be mounted higher on the wall. Also, what about turning? Do you need to turn a little bit, do you need to turn a lot, do you need to turn 90 degrees to the left or right maybe even like to lower the TV like four feet over your fireplace?

So, these are all questions you should answer before you buy a TV mount.  All these mounts come in different size bolts for the holes in the back of the TV, bolts for the walls, washers, spacers, etc. Below we’ll consider some of the Amazon mounts based on this info and we’ll start with a basic flat mount. Now you can get a super flush static one-half-inch thin mount.

However, don’t worry about it being so thin because most people have a power outlet behind the TV or HDMI connections, sometimes even stuffing lights or game systems behind so a little space can actually be helpful. But even if you want that flush look we have such a mount. Still, you can tilt down if needed and that’s a super basic and a low price

Simple Perlesmith PSMTK1 Flat TV mount

Best Tilt TV Mount $4$ – Everstone WLT103M-ES

The Everstone mount can handle pretty much all sizes from 32 up to 86 inches 5:00 that have 600 millimeters by 400-millimeter VESA pattern or less and are under 165 pounds. While it can tilt down and it also has those clips it sticks out about two inches which isn’t a big deal for tilt mounts. It’s pretty normal but it does have two distinct advantages over the Perlesmith mount:

  • Everstone mount has an extra piece to extend the bracket 24 inches wide. So it’s great to add that piece in order to span two studs on the wall and for the larger TVs that have that wider pattern. This is necessary for some of the 75 and 85-inch units. Don’t forget to check the specs of your TV as it’s pretty easy to find the VESA pattern.
  • The cost is only 22 dollars, so you can’t really beat that.

Make sure to check out these two mounts. If you prefer to have the TV extend out there are also many good options for that too. The opportunity to find a good arm or articulating or full-motion TV mount really depends on the size of your unit and how much you want to extend or turn it and where you’re going to mount it. So, if it’s a smaller TV and you don’t really care where it is centered on the wall, the next item is worth your attention. 

Universal Tilting TV Wall Mount

Best Single Stud TV Mount – Perlesmith PSMFK1

This single-arm mount is a very popular mount for this type of install and it works just like it sounds. Single-arm mount up to 400 by 400 millimeters and again the weight is important because it says 26 to 55 inches up to 88 pounds. What is great about it is that it can be as flat as two inches and the arm extends out over 19 inches out. So you can get a lot of turn on a small or a large TV. These work great in kids’ rooms to allow you to angle the device left or right or pull them out, or you can put them in the corner of a room and get a nice 45-degree angle.

Best Single Stud TV Mount – Perlesmith PSMFK1

Most Versatile Full Motion TV Mount Mounting Dream MD2380

MD 2380 full-motion mount is one of the most used mounts because of its versatility and sizes from 32 to 55 inches size but it really works for anything 65 and below because it has that max weight of 99 pounds. So, 400 millimeters or smaller under 100 pounds and everything is great and there are a bunch of benefits to this mount.

Full Motion TV Mount Mounting Dream MD2380

Full Motion TV Mount
  • The main point is that you can move it left or right to center on one stud in the middle or you can hit studs on both sides. And the mounting dream 2380 is relatively flat for an arm mount with about three inches from the wall when it’s pushed flat and it comes out to about 15 inches.If you’re going to get a really big TV and you’re trying to buy quality ones then Large Full Motion TV Mount – Mounting Dream MD2198 and Alt Large Full Motion TV Mount – Echogear EGLF2-BK are a good option. Both are pretty straightforward and solid mounts for larger TVs.

    About the mantle mount

    Finally a few words about the mantle mount.  This is a TV mount that can sit up on top of a fireplace and then pull down in a fluid manner to watch it at eye level.

the mantle mount

Many people like this mount however it is kind of bulky and hard to install. When it’s up over the fireplace it can stick out as far as 10 inches at its most flush position. If you think that lowering the TV is really necessary for you and even with the soundbar attached then the mantle mount is a very unique product that has served many customers pretty well. Mantel Mount MM340 w/o soundbar holder and Best Mantel Mount MM540 w/sound bar holder are two of the best options worth your attention.

We hope that our review was useful to you and we want to remind you that we will be happy to provide you with TV mounting service NYC or TV mounts!

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