IKEA kitchen assembly 

Ultra provides delivery and assembly services for IKEA kitchens in New York and New Jersey

The quality and fairly affordable price of IKEA kitchens deservedly earned this brand massive consumer interest. Ergonomics, convenience and reliability make more and more customers give their preference to it.

Buying furniture, everyone expects that it will serve without breakdowns. Therefore, its choice is approached very carefully. The price of some sets reaches up to several thousand and even tens of thousands of dollars. It’s better to train skills on less expensive interior items; entrust this work to professionals. Professional assembly of the kitchen is associated not only with knowledge and skills, but also involves the presence of a professional tool. Trim the corner, cut the opening for the sink, connect the backlight – this requires special equipment. Everything necessary to obtain a guaranteed high-quality result is available at the Ultra company.

Prices for the assembly of IKEA kitchens

The cost of services is formed based on the volume and complexity of the work. We calculate the estimate individually, after clarifying with the client all the details.

In addition to assembly, our experts can perform furniture disassembly if necessary (for example, in the case of moving or transferring from room to room). The procedure for changing the kitchen location in case of moving is much more complicated than its initial installation.

How to assemble Ikea kitchen on your own?

Most likely you will have to spend several hours studying the instructions, it is possible to experiment with a couple of small cabinets beforehand and borrow two cases of tools from a friend, then you will be able to assemble the kitchen, but it is far from the fact that it is right and without loss. Because all the same, several screws will be put in the wrong direction, the facing panel will be damaged somewhere, and a couple of extra parts will probably remain. And taking into account the specifics of kitchen furniture, when it is necessary to make cuts for pipes, one slightest mistake can lead to irreversible damage to both one panel and the entire product as a whole. Hence the question: why spend time and energy on risk, when you can entrust the assembly to professionals?

How can experienced furniture assemblers help?

IMPORTANT: Experienced assemblers can correct minor factory flaws such as a missing hole or lack of a pair of fittings, having with them the necessary “emergency” sets of the most popular fasteners and small supplies. The situation that will confuse the customer with self-assembly will be resolved by our specialist in 10 minutes! In the process of work, different situations often arise: to dock with the windowsill, bypass ledges and bumps in the wall, install furniture on uneven floors and walls. Our specialists solve these difficulties right on the spot. As a result, you get a kitchen that in appearance is in no way inferior to exhibition designs.

Why do you need our professional assembly?

  • High-skilled masters. All specialists of our company have the necessary level of qualification and training;
  • Availability of all necessary professional tools. As well as sets of spare fasteners and other accessories for minor operational elimination of deficiencies in furniture designs;
  • A full range of additional services: loading, delivery, dismantling of furniture, “fitting” of elements and correction of minor factory defects
  • Experience with furniture from different manufacturers (IKEA, etc.)

What our masters can do:

  • Aware of all technical innovations, will help to make a good choice;
  • Easily read and understand the diagrams and instructions attached to furniture sets of any complexity;
  • Assembled dozens of IKEA kitchens of the most varied degrees of difficulty without complaints, that is, they have vast experience in this direction;
  • Responsible for assembly quality.

If you still decide to assemble the kitchen yourself, we recommend that you pay attention to the correct assembly procedure for the Ikea kitchen

  1. First of all, the master must assemble the bodies of all cabinets without mounting sliding, swinging and other furniture details.
  2. Next, the lower cabinet bodies should be installed and connected with ties.
  3. The next step is to install the countertop designed for washing and the cooktop, after which the elements of the apron are mounted.
  4. Next is the installation of wall cabinets and connecting them together.

Only after all these actions can the installation and connection of plumbing be carried out. As indicated in the instructions from Ikea, the assembly of furniture is completed by hanging facades and attaching accessories to swinging and sliding parts. The last step – the master must finally adjust the smooth movement of the moving elements.

We guarantee the quality of all kinds of our services to our clients