Types of wall shelves in the kitchen: description, photos and examples

Wall storage for the kitchen will help to make your kitchen special and cozy. Everyone will be able to choose shelf thay like from variety of materials and shapes. Often we use ordinary interior solutions. For example, a furniture set. Perhaps to add novelty and lightness to the interior you can change a style and install wall shelves. This is one of their pros, but not the only one. Pros and cons of wall shelves in the kitchen Wall shelves for the kitchen solve two main problems: functional and decorative, which gives a lot of advantages.


  1. The space of the room is visually expanded, it has more “air”, lightness and openness, what is especially useful for small kitchen.
  2. Save your money. They are definitely cheaper than their counterparts – wall cabinets.
  3. Saves time to search for the desired item. Now you have everything before your eyes. Drop an eye on shelves quickly and found what you need. No need to open and close cabinets in sequence.
  4. Cooking becomes a pleasure. All the most necessary spices, cereals, a recipe book, spatulas and other kitchen utensils are always at your hand.
  5.  The ability to decorate the interior is multiplied. Hinged shelves change the environment due to their own design and due to the possibility put various objects before your eyes bringing a common style and a special mood.


  1. Shelf is opened so it easily collects dust also splashes of food and fat in the kitchen. You will make more efforts to clean it.
  2. Items on the shelf require order and sometimes a beautiful arrangement.
  3. The capacity of the shelf, unfortunately, hardly competes with the capacity of the cabinet, where it is not necessary to beautifully arrange objects, and therefore it is possible to accommodate much more items.

Types of shelves If you ready to go throught disadvantages let’s find out what types of shelves for the kitchen you can choose. Their style, color, shape and material will primarily dictate the overall style of your interior. Basic materials for hanging shelves: Natural wood (array);

  • natural wood (solid wood);
  • Particleboard, MDF;
  • metal;
  • stone;
  • glass;
  • plastic.

Wood is perhaps the only material that will fit to any interior and bring a touch of cosines. The wooden hinged shelf is durable and able to support a lot of weight, therefore it is optimal for storing large quantities of dishes. To made hinged kitchen shelves often use a pine, beech, alder or oak. Attention- for use in the kitchen, natural wood must be treated with moisture-proofing compounds. The wood distinguishes by its excellent variability with various kinds of mounts. Especially with metal brackets, for example, in the style of industrial design, as in the photo. Hanging wooden shelves with forged brackets look very beautiful. Hanging wooden shelves Mounts that looks like old water pipes are very original. Shelves made of laminated particleboard or MDF are as durable as natural wood, but at the same time significantly lower in cost. Their second advantage is the variety of color solutions due to the coating with veneer or laminate. In fact, particleboard and MDF are often used materials for furniture. Due to this, shelves made of wood-based panels can be easily integrated into the kitchen set as an independent element or as shelving systems. On such wall racks it is convenient to place items that are used for cooking: dishes, cereals, spices, kitchen utensils. Metal is a useful durable and giving a lot of ideas material for modern interiors, rustic and provance style. For the last ones, small forged shelves with delicate patterns will be an excellent addition. There are several types of metal shelves for modern kitchens https://ultraassembly.com/services/kitchen-assembly-services/ Lattice shelves that are very convenient for storing everyday dishes. Shelves made of sheet metal perform rather a decorative function than a practical one. Shelf-boxes cover objects from dust and dirt. The metal can be chromed, brushed, bronze or copper. metal shelves for modern kitchens

Natural or artificial stone will give the kitchen a certain solidity. But it will require strong walls for its fastening. Feel free to use stone shelves if you prefer, just pay attention to the design compatibility of the stone with other elements of the kitchen. Shelves made of stone can go well with a countertop made of the same material or with a floor made of stone. The stone may look quite elegant. The stone may look quite elegant, like this small shelf in the photo. Glass shelves are an element of all modern designs in whith its minimalism, ease and visible simplicity. Glass is resistant to water and high temperatures, which makes it a versatile material for the kitchen. It is useful for storing dishes, but in this case it should be at least 6 mm thick. Plastic shelves are the most affordable option. Like glass, they bring lightness to the atmosphere and due to the variety of colors and shapes they can “get up” on your walls with any design ideas. Plastic is easily attached to the wall and do not afraid of water. At the same time, it has drawbacks – it does not withstand heavy weight and looks somewhat cheap. If style allows, you can not focus on one material, but you can try a design using 2 or 3 materials at the same time. For example, metal shelves will go well with glass.

Constructive types of shelves Open wall shelf The most beautiful! These are the simplest opened shelves. They allow you to use the surface to decorate the space. Beautiful dishes, candles, vases, indoor plants – all this will fill your kitchen with a special atmosphere and comfort. They are easy to manufacture and install, cheaper than other shelf systems, so they are the most common element in the kitchen. It is necessary hangshelves so they do not disturb you when you move in the kitchen.

Wall cabinet Closed space is sometimes necessary. To hide objects from eyes and / or reduce cleaning time. The shelf turns into a small cabinet. Often they are made of chipboard or metal. CornerWallShelves Any corner can be used. Such wall shelves are ideal for small kitchens. Depending on the idea and space possibilities, they can be rectangular or triangular. ideal for small kitchens

Modular Wall Shelves If you have a free wall, then shelves, consisting of modules with different design, can become the main attraction of your kitchen. This is a whole system of spaces for storing and demonstrating items that are necessary and beautiful. Hinged shelves with drawers Many of us love this kind of hanging shelves, where there is the opportunity to show and store various trifles. Boxes can be wooden or, as in the photo below, made as glass mugs. Illuminated shelves The light in this case serves two purposes- decorative lighting or additional lighting of the workspace, or both. The light source can be spotlights, LED strips or finished shelves with fluorescent lighting. In the photo below you can see how they will look with installed spotlights. Illuminated shelves

Shelves with fluorescent lighting look very trendy. ikea kitchen cabinet assembly service Types of shelves by mounting method Wall shelves with fixation are attached to the wall tightly. This type of fastening is important forstructures with a high weight load.The robust fasteners for removable wall shelves make it easy to dismantle and reinstall if necessary.The shelves on the brackets / consoles have two functions: they increase the strength of the shelf structure and at the same time serve as a decorative element. Shelves with hidden fasteners have a touch of mystery, as they “grow” directly from the wall, which is one of possible design deсisions. For hidden attach to the wall use a wooden piece at least 30 mm high. If the ease and beauty of space matters to you, then wall mounted shelves will be one of the best solutions to transform the design of your kitchen. And we hope that this article also helped you.

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