Top 3 IKEA kitchen ideas

Top 3 IKEA kitchen ideas

It’s fair to say that kitchen is the heart of any home, especially if it also takes on the function of a dining room. IKEA kitchens, thanks to their affordability, stylish design, and easy IKEA kitchen installation have long won the global acceptance of fans.

Breakfast with a cup of coffee or dinner with nice conversation, all these indispensable daily rituals take place in the kitchen, where all family members come together. For a woman, a comfortable kitchen interior is essential because she spends a lot of time showing her culinary skills there. This means that she needs all the necessary tools for cooking to be at hand.

Top 3 IKEA kitchen ideas

How to select the right kitchen

Ready-made kitchens really make the process of choosing easier. However, in order not to regret the chosen product, pay attention to the important nuances:

  • Storage. It is clear that the more things you plan to store, the more IKEA kitchen cabinets installation should be done. But pay attention also to the fittings: do you need a rail, a garbage sorting solution, a carousel in a corner module?
  • Design. Decide which kitchen type you need: linear, corner, two-row, u-shaped, island, two-level, or single-tiered.
  • Appliances. Consider all kitchen appliances for which you need to provide a place: refrigerator/freezer, hob, oven, dishwasher and maybe washing machine.
  • Style. This is an important component of kitchen furniture. Do you prefer classic beveled shapes or glossing minimalist designs?
  • The size. Measurements include not only the dimensions of the room in length, width, height. It is also important to take into account the location of openings (doors, windows), service lines, sockets.

IKEA kitchen installation pros and cons

Some people use IKEA furniture to furnish the entire apartment guided by low prices and stylish appearance. Others don’t like this brand at all. Anyway, IKEA kitchens have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them.


  • A wide selection of products. IKEA kitchens fit many styles including classic, Scandinavian, modern, country.
  • European quality. Materials and fittings go through many tests before they get to the kitchen set.
  • Ease of IKEA kitchen cabinets assembly. Having the minimal working experience you can cope with assembly even without special tools.
  • Ease of repair. Do you need to change the fittings or the facade? Everything can be found in the store.
  • Expandability. Decided to add a couple of cabinets? Purchase and delivery will not take long.
  • Modular system. Customizing your needs and preferences you can choose from a huge number of cabinets, differing in size and design.


  • Uniformity. Still, the restrained design of IKEA is not suitable for everyone, if you want something original try to use other manufacturers.
  • Standardized sizes and dimensions. Although there are many options for cabinets, they cannot be compared with a custom projected kitchen for your room. This is especially important for rooms that are non-standard in shape and size.
  • Manufacturing features. For example, a thin 2 mm edge at the ends of the tabletop instead of the standard 4 mm.

Also, the simple IKEA kitchen cabinets installation has its controversial points. All kitchen models are designed to be wall-mounted. Therefore, you will have to get rid of sockets, pipes, roughness or look for the most suitable place. In addition, many cabinets are mounted strongly enough which complicates the process of moving them if necessary.

The best IKEA kitchen ideas

To promote a better understanding of what IKEA kitchen is, we offer you three examples we consider the best reflecting all brand’s features and potential.

#1 Linear kitchen with light facades

First of all, it is necessary to admit that IKEA is a triumph of Scandinavian style, so white, milky, and gray colors are a priority here. But even if you don’t like this style, this palette is universal. It looks equally good in minimalism, classic, and modern. This kitchen option is made using white color facades and an oak veneer countertop what is very practical and has special aesthetics.


Feeling of sterility is absent due to the use of darker shades that add depth to space: wood-colored worktop and golden facade handles. The facades are not endowed with decorative elements, but rather represent a single flat surface. It is what you need for a simple and functional interior.

#2 Corner kitchen with wooden-color and white facades

A corner kitchen is an excellent solution for small-sized kitchens, which allows using every square meter as efficiently as possible. This layout enables expanding the working area, even if you have a little space. Due to the close location of the hob, worktop, and sink, the area of the contaminated surface is significantly reduced. At the same time, even the corner area, which is often empty, serves here as a full-fledged workplace or storage place.

Corner kitchen with wooden-color

Despite the wide use of modern materials, wood will never lose its relevance, especially for making a classic-style kitchen. This IKEA kitchen has a wooden-colored countertop and wall cabinets contrasting with white facades. Façade handles made of the same wooden color complete the interior.

Such large objects as a stove and refrigerator are a good way to give a fresh look to the kitchen. Dark-colored fridge, black stove, and glossy black tiles successfully complement the overall concept of kitchen design.

#3 Corner kitchen with original sink

This is another example of an IKEA kitchen that captures the essence of laconic Swedish design. This is the white-colored kitchen with a practical oak veneer tabletop. Note that the floors in the apartment are in harmony with the color of the countertops, which is an important accent and an additional solution for your interior design.

Corner kitchen with original sink

This kitchen is made in such a way that every piece of the used area is be used rationally. Corner cabinets are great for storing cereals and kitchen utensils. They are equipped with swivel and pull-out shelves. The comfort and convenience of using corner headsets are in the close location of all the necessary items allowing to avoid unnecessary actions. The system of containers for garbage separating installed under the sink is a good ecological solution.

swivel and pull-out shelves

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