There are a few basic tools, which are needed to perform a work on assembling of your furniture. They belong to a several subgroups, like electric, manual or measuring tools. So, let’s take a look at the functions of some main devices and get a few tricks of how to use them properly!

Necessary tools for an assembling of the IKEA

Firstly, you’ll need a hammer, chisels, hex-keys and a set of turn-drivers. All this stuff is necessary for the fixing of a screw, nut and bolt in a hard-to-reach places. And do not forget that you need a kit of instruments as there are so many types and dimensions of the screws!

Likewise, the most needful tool in the assembling of any kind of furniture is a drill-screwdriver. This instrument allows you to fix up any screw quickly and effectively, no matter with what material you deal with(whether it is wood or plastics). You have to carefully adjust the tool and then you should use it very gently, as an extra force easily gets the furniture broken and too weak installing can cause it’s instability. It’s more convenient to use a portable device, which runs on battery power, as you are not going to be dependent on a particular place at the outlet.

The type of screwdriver needed depends on a definite kind of your screw, as it can be 18 or 14volt turn-screw.
Also, be sure in having of the set of bits, which may be crossed or in the form of hexagons and asterisks.

By the way, hammering makes a lot of dust and other trash all around. In order to quickly get rid of it, just use an ordinary garbage bag on the working area!

 Sometimes, it is necessary to get a hammer-drill, which will help you to install the furniture by getting a special holes inside the wood or even metal panels. Further, you’ll able to make a needed holes in the wall that gives a space for any kind of designer idea and allows you to assemble the stuff in any place you want.
Additionally, in some cases, you’ll need an extra stuff like circular-saw or jig-saw. But these extra tools are rarely used, because mostly Ikea furniture much more simple and easier to install than other stuff on market, which require additional fastening, etc.

Anyway, the assembling of furniture is a really hard work, which takes much time and efforts. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that everything will work out without any damage, if you do it by your own. Hence, the best way to get it right is to trust the real professionals in this sphere.

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