Instruction how to install IKEA kitchen fronts and drawers

Today’s market is flourishing with a huge variety of convenient kitchen cabinets for different purposes. They allow you to make the most from the available kitchen space, providing convenient storage spots you can use accordingly. Furthermore, kitchen drawers and fronts offered in the market by IKEA are available in various interior design solutions, providing the consumers with the opportunity to design any kitchen according to their taste. You can easily perform cabinets to go drawer assembly without the involvement of someone professional as IKEA always give convenient and comprehensive instructions you can follow along.

There are many options to choose from in terms of completely remodeling your kitchen space and making it more stylish than before. You can go for different styles, materials, and other characteristics that are totally optional and created according to the market demands. Do not forget to get acquainted with all the kitchen cabinets and drawers types available so as to choose the best option for your fancy kitchen space as the market offers a huge variety of reliable kitchen furniture you can install by yourself.

IKEA offers an extensive selection of fancy kitchen fronts and drawers. Not only are they important in terms of being made of resistant materials but they also play a significant role in kitchen interior design. Those tiny details always give the final look to your kitchen cabinets, making space both aesthetically attractive and functional. With the detailed IKEA assembly instructions installing handles on kitchen cabinets, installing sliding drawers in kitchen cabinets and overall assembly of your kitchen can be performed by yourself effortlessly. We have created simple assembly instructions, helping IKEA consumers install kitchen drawers, fronts, and other essential parts.

Detailed kitchen drawer assembly

If you are wondering how to assemble and install the Maximera drawers for your stylish IKEA kitchen, here are a few basic steps to begin with:

  • Make sure to read the assembly instructions thoroughly before you proceed with drawer installation.
installing handles on kitchen cabinets
  • Carefully measure the spot where you are to put the drawer rails. Thereafter, mark the found spot on the cabinet, making it enough visible to you for any further procedures.
  • Use drawer fronts as measures.
making it enough visible to you for any further procedures
  • Keep in mind that the drawer rail features three possible positions: low, normal, and inner position.
IKEA kitchen drawer assembly
  • If you go for a low position, remember to fix the lowest rail at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet, while performing IKEA kitchen drawer assembly.
  • Normal rail position requires the rail to be placed between the lowest rail position, and inner position.
  • Keep in mind that if you are going to use the inner drawer, the rail ought to be moved one step into the kitchen cabinet.
one step into the kitchen cabinet

Proceed with installing sliding drawers in kitchen cabinets. Make sure to note the difference that occurs in the spot where you are to fix the fittings on the drawer fronts. Do not forget about the special placement for the lowest drawer front. Afterward, it is required to position the plastic fixing in the given holes.

installing sliding drawers in kitchen cabinets

And this is how you get the correct combination for a high drawer. The medium drawer features two more holes in the construction. Make sure to finish the assembly process according to the given detailed instructions.

Installing drawers in cabinets; the inner drawer

And these are instructions covering the careful installation of the inner drawer. Keep in mind that it is important to carefully fix the drawer rail one step into the kitchen cabinet. Afterward, it is high time you proceeded with installing handles on kitchen cabinets. They ought to be put on the drawer fronts. Do not forget about protecting the inner drawer front surface from the marks that you make.

installing handles on kitchen cabinets

In case you are in need of dismounting a kitchen drawer, it can be easily removed by holding it in the front, pulling it out from the kitchen cabinet carefully, and then upwards. The drawer sideways, as well as highways, can also be easily adjusted by you. To perform that, make sure to remove the cover first. Thereafter, fine tune for the correct height level. Then push in the drawer carefully in order to check out whether it fits or not. You are more likely to need to fine-tune sideways afterward.

installing on kitchen cabinets

IKEA kitchen drawer assembly also requires adjustment of drawer door position. Make sure to use the inner screw so as to fine-tune the door’s position both inward and outward effortlessly.

IKEA kitchen drawer assembly

Remember to use the middle screw, as well, to fine-tune the position of the kitchen drawer door upwards and downwards. The outer screw can be used in terms of fining-tune the door position sideways.

It may occur more conveniently to you with the door that opens at the bottom instead of at the side, which is more common.

And this is how to easily fix the lid stay. Its resistance ought to be adjusted at the beginning of kitchen drawer assembly in terms of compensating the weight of the kitchen door. This is what is highly important to take into consideration installing drawer pulls.

When it comes to the favara drawer that is specifically assembled to be placed in the lowest position, before its installation, do not forget to read the provided assemble instructions thoroughly. Follow all the steps described if you want to successfully assemble such a kitchen drawer.

Instruction how to install IKEA drawer

Before putting on the worktop, read the instructions carefully and assemble the carousel. By doing so, you provide yourself with enough room for installation. When you insert a pin located underneath the upper shelf, keep in mind that it is highly important to perform such a procedure from the back of the pole. It will allow you to ensure that the assembled carousel rotates correctly. Proceeding any further, do not forget to read the given instructions while installing cabinet hobs and other essential kitchen drawer parts.

Kitchen Installation - Installing the cabinets

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