Kitchen sink installation: installing electric hob and kitchen sink

How to perform new sink installation and avoid making common mistakes when installing a hob? Before cutting out a hole for the kitchen sink, and the hob, the length of the worktop may possibly need to be adjusted. When using a circular saw, be sure that the guiding rail is fixed correctly so as to ensure you will get a perfectly straight cut.

new sink installation

In this particular case, we recommend using an anti-slip guiding rail. Keep in mind that g-clamps are also commonly used for this job. By putting the worktop on the kitchen cabinet for the hob, you can easily indicate the spot where to saw a hole for the hob, whether you are planning on installing a gas hob or any other one. It is highly important to remember which side is the front of the worktop. Afterward, proceed with following the assembly instructions, and do not forget to mark the correct measurements for the kitchen hob on the worktop.

planning on installing a gas hob

Remember to leave a distance on the worktop’s back edge, between the wall and the cutout. According to measurements, it comes at least fifty-five millimeters. It will help you to make sure you have just enough space for any wall covering you are to use any time after.

Installing electric hob, do not forget to put the sealing strip around it to avoid any liquid or food particles leaking down by accident. Proceed with putting on the clips that will help you ensure the kitchen hob sits on the worktop tightly. Thereafter, last the hob.

In case the customer goes for another kitchen oven position, which is in a high cabinet instead of a base kitchen cabinet, the hob separator will make it possible to have a drawer right underneath the hob.

Make sure to follow the same procedure when installing a new kitchen sink. Just like before, focus on reading the provided assembly instructions carefully before you proceed with any further installation step. Having customized the length, as well as having indicated the spot where the sink is going to be sited in the worktop, put the worktop upside down. Proceed with tracing the outline of the sink on the surface.

Thereafter, draw the correct measurements and cut out the necessary space, using a jigsaw.

Installing electric hob

In case the worktop is located on the top of the dishwashing machine, it is high time you put the special protection strip that comes along with all IKEA dishwashing machines.

In terms of preventing the moisture from penetrating the worktop, remember to apply silicone on the edges, as well as the sealing strip. The clips and screws ought to be placed onto the sink, as well. Proceed with IKEA sink installation, putting it in the worktop. Afterward, make sure to fasten the screws. Finally, put the worktop in place.

Proceed with IKEA sink installation1
Proceed with IKEA sink installation 2

The drainage ought to be installed afterward, according to the given detailed assembly instructions. The water supply can come from either the floor or the wall.

Installing kitchen appliances: refrigerator installation

How to perform the installation of the integrated refrigerator, as well as the freezer in a high kitchen cabinet? A reinforced shelf is usually used when the height of the freezer appears to be shorter than the height of the kitchen cabinet door. Make sure to follow the same procedures as for the kitchen oven shelf.

Installing kitchen appliances: refrigerator installation 1

Have a look at the assembly instructions provided to you and measure the spot where you are to place the upper shelf to which the refrigerator ought to be fastened thereafter. Keep in mind that the ventilation grid plays a significant role in preventing smaller things from dropping down in the space behind the freezer and the fridge.

Afterward, it is high time you got the cabinet’s doors just in place. Proceed with fastening the 95-degrees hinges. Then plug in and place the refrigerator in the high cabinet.

The ice scraper of the freezer can also be used as a measurement to ensure the kitchen appliance is not being pushed too far into the kitchen cabinet. Proceed with fastening the device to the upper shelf and the cabinet wall.

Then plug in and place the refrigerator in the high cabinet

Proceed with connecting the appliance doors to the ones of the kitchen cabinet. Finally, put the protection.

Installing kitchen appliances: microwave oven correct installation

Before installing kitchen appliances, do not forget to read the assembly instructions carefully to be aware of all possible aspects that can pop up during the installation process. To fit the 35-centimeter-high products such as the kitchen microwave oven into a cabinet, make sure to place the appliance on a shelf. The filler piece, Helande, in stainless steel effect, is used to cover the cavity. Besides, it gives the final elegant look for your installed kitchen oven.

Installing kitchen appliances: microwave

Kitchen Installation - hob and sink installation

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