How to order online from IKEA

How to order online from IKEA

IKEA stores have become quite popular in different countries of the world. The company’s management believes that home is the main place for every person: how comfortable a person feels at home depends on his success in other areas of life. IKEA’s mission is to change people’s daily lives for the better. Since the company does not focus on a specific target audience, its task is to provide an offer that will satisfy the needs of buyers with different income levels, in different locations and life situations.

Customers prefer IKEA products due to the low prices, high quality, and originality of all products. As practice shows, it is worth buying one thing at IKEA, as a buyer constantly returns for the new purchases and becomes one of the devoted fans of the company and its products.  IKEA loyal customers are offered bonus cards, club memberships, and other benefits, which provide significant advantages when purchasing goods.

basic steps of creating an account IKEA

The very beginning

As long as you enter the store’s website, you have to open a new account if you still haven’t done this. This is essential because, without it, you just won’t be able to make an order.

Here are several basic steps of creating an account:

  • At the right-hand corner of the page (on the top of it) you are going to see the icon called “My profile”. Just click on it.
  • Here you will be asked whether to log in using your email or phone number and password (if you have an account) or to create one.
Basic info to fill in includes the first and last name, phone number
    • Basic info to fill in includes the first and last name, phone number, date of birth, email, and password (make a reliable one! Don’t make the same password as the one you have from your email because this can lead to leakage of the data). 0:45
    • Almost done! You’ll get the confirmation message at your email address and here you are. Now you have your own account and can take advantage of it.

    What shall I do next?

    As long as you are done with all the previous steps and have your personal account, you can return to the next page and search for the items you need to look at, and, consequently, order.

    You just enter the name of the item you are interested in into the search field, and then see what is offered to you.


Normally, the choice is rather big and you have to spend some time while trying to pick something. Don’t hurry up, consider all the parameters needed, and in the future, you aren’t going to complain about the choice you have made. In case you have some questions regarding the item, you always have a store’s phone number to call and ask about what exactly worries and interests you. Click on the item you wish to know more about and add it to the cart if you want.

The website’s interface is clear and simple so you won’t experience any difficulties when looking through the items and searching. Everything here is made the way that will provide the clients with easy and pleasurable shopping.

You can always find the cart icon on the top right-hand corner of the site’s page. Once you are there, check the number of the items you would like to obtain and see whether everything is correct or not. If you have put something you don’t already need in the cart, you can always remove it from there.

Getting closer to the order-making itself

When you are browsing through your cart, you can see the subtotal cost you have to pay. However, it doesn’t include charging you for the delivery. So that to check the total figure, you will have to:

  • Enter your postcode (make sure it is correct because you may get into trouble if you have put another one there).
  • Look through the delivery and collection options given.
  • If you are interested in the Assembly service, then note it too.
  • Then check the address of the delivery and make sure you have entered the IKEA family card number (we bet that you want to get a discount for what you are currently obtaining. At least, you are about to get some points for what you have bought).
the billing page IKEA
  • You are almost about to finish. You are redirected to the billing page, where you have to put your credit card info (or you can also use PayPal if that option is more convenient for you).
  • The credit card info normally includes such data as the number, expiry date, CVV (can always be found on the back of your card).
  • After you’ve done this and accepted all the conditions given, you will be able to see the total cost of your shopping.
  • Here you are! When you have paid you will see that your order has been processed.

You will see the order number there. We would advise you to take a screenshot of it so that not lose it in the future. However, all the info about the order will also be arriving at the email you have noted before.

As you see, there’s absolutely nothing hard in making the orders on the website of such a famous shopping platform as IKEA. The whole process will be even more pleasurable for you if you plan what you need to buy beforehand and will be confident regardless of what exactly you wish to buy.

making the orders on the IKEA

The secret of long-term IKEA popularity

So, why is the store so popular worldwide? What attracts customers from different countries and cultures to choose this furniture? To begin with, it should be noted that this Swedish company guarantees high quality, excellent technical performance, and reliable operation of any product.

Each product is completely safe, environmentally friendly, and with hypoallergenic materials used while manufacturing. The production process is strictly controlled at all stages, while the final price remains low since recyclable and renewable materials are used. And all the necessary furniture can be purchased in one store.

In addition, IKEA has a low pricing policy, especially considering the excellent quality of the products. Also, there is an opportunity to create original design compositions that you will definitely not find anywhere else for a very competitive price. The designers of the Swedish company always have their fingers on the pulse.

Every year the interior is updated with new products that correspond to all modern trends in design. The respect and politeness of the company’s staff along with the care of all customers’ needs can be a great advantage. The company cares about its reputation, and always keeps its catalog with delivery options updated, therefore, inspiring confidence in buyers.

However, for the most part, IKEA stores are large with lots of goods concentrated that it is sometimes difficult to get around and see everything. In this case, an excellent option is an official website where you can browse all the items from the large selection offered by the manufacturer without leaving your home and rushing, purchasing only what you need.

It’s no wonder people wish to order from there more and more. In this article, we are going to tell you the basics of how to make an order from IKEA online. We are about to ensure you that there’s absolutely nothing complicated in the whole process if you follow the instructions given below.

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