What does IKEA not tell you about?

IKEA is not telling you this!

Many award-winning and well-known interior designers who have done plenty of kitchens, ranging from beach condos to commercial restaurants insist on the fact that IKEA is the best option of doing it. Below are outlined some useful tips for choosing interior kitchen items from a popular international home improvement company IKEA.

Actually, experts admit that there are some advantages as well as disadvantages with going with a kitchen from IKEA, so they will be considered as well. Moreover, some examples for the USA and Canada are given. However, globally people from other countries have lots of various options that are wonderful for IKEA as well.

real fans of IKEA kitchens

There are a great number of photos of the dream kitchens on Instagram and other social networks. Without any doubt, these things are marvelous, namely custom millwork, stone solutions, gorgeous fixtures, beautiful lighting, and all that jazz. Interestingly, most of them are IKEA kitchens. It’s unbelievable, but it’s true.

The benefits of IKEA products

As was mentioned above many interior designers are real fans of IKEA kitchens and here are the reasons for this passion.

  • A great range that they’ve got. The thing is that they have everything from design styles that will definitely work into a contemporary space all the way through to super traditional. They can get their clients covered because it is possible to mix and match with plenty of different pieces. It’s like a puzzle coming together.
  • They have a fabulous variety of componentry, so all the little drawer inserts, extra handles, etc.
  • IKEA is super-fast to get, comparing it to regular custom kitchens, where one can wait eight to ten weeks for the cabinetry alone.
  • IKEA has great warranties on its products. Nevertheless, lots of people don’t realize it about IKEA.
  • The products from IKEA are extremely durable. So, in comparison to other budget options, IKEA really holds up well.
  • For a budget variant, IKEA is the best option all the way around.
  • With the help of IKEA, you can get some really custom, tailor-made looks that look fantastic.

The Kitchen Variants from IKEA

If you are ready to do something with your kitchen, the first step you need to take is to snuggle up with the IKEA online catalog. Not the website, but catalog, as it gives you a lot of necessary information, imagery and it also gives you a huge range of options, so it’s like all kind of pulled together in certain sections of their product line, so it makes it far easier to figure out what it is you are going to be looking for or use.

There is some imagery from the catalog that is really helpful and useful in terms of visualizing what you want to do with your own kitchen. For instance, this white variant is fabulous. It’s a simple top pull and they’ve done a matte finish on the top cabinets. This fact makes the kitchen look contemporary, clean, and low-key, especially the white countertop. They’ve wrapped the stone up on the backsplash, which is very on-trend. So, it’s one of the best contemporary kitchen looks.

this traditional kitchen design

Besides, many designers appreciate this traditional kitchen design. Despite the fact that many of them are not big fans of dark kitchens, this variant has got a lovely grey wrap to the base cabinets and the upper cabinets are gray trim but they are lit from within, so they feel right and bright. In addition, they have got a nice sized window there as well as a great white countertop and light backsplash, so that all works.

If you are looking for something super traditional, this dark on-trend kitchen is simply gorgeous. It’s got downlights inside the glass-paned cabinets.

this traditional kitchen design 2

So, you can see that a catalog is a good tool you need to get the necessary inspiration started in your brain. Due to the catalog, you can make some notes, and then go to their 3D planning program, which is quite easy to use from a consumer basis. You can lay out your exact space, as well as create a little plan of things that you want and then pop it up and see it in 3D. you can always change your componentry.

Another good thing about IKEA is that once you have got something that you think will work, you can always make an appointment and go talking to someone on the floor and they can help you tweak the idea of it and get a reverence point for costing and all the rest of it. Their customer service is really top-notch, especially in the kitchen department.

their 3D kitchen planning program

Kitchen Vendors

In case you’ve already got an image of your mind of some super fancy or lovely designer kitchen that you fell in love with but you are on a budget. You can still work with it with IKEA. The thing is that there’s a couple of companies that do nothing but hack the cabinet fronts, the countertops, the hardware, and all kind of specialty details just for the IKEA cabinetry. As a result, you can get some amazing looks. For instance, this one is from Reform. They’ve got a brushed brass front which is amazing.

Kitchen Vendors Reform

Another good company is Semihandmade. They have these beautiful different wood fronts that you can choose from. They also do a lovely painted finish that you can pick out which is really great.

Superfront is another company worth your attention. They have some cool little colored etched cabinet fronts that make it look super custom. So, be sure to check out all of these famous vendors. Some of them are global, some of them are US-based.

Semihandmade beautiful different wood fronts

Pros and Cons List

If you still doubt that IKEA can be a good fit for your project, you may use this list of pros and cons of IKEA kitchens or create your own.


  • Sustainability is a big issue and that’s another good point of IKEA kitchens. They are very serious about emphasizing sustainability throughout the product lifetime and in production.
  • The massive combination of componentry that you can plug and play together to get a great variety of looks.
  • Unequaled hackability. These companies just drool to work with you on these IKEA kitchens.
  • Great planning software. That is the ability that you can put it in a plan and then take a look at it in 3D and maybe shift some things around. It makes it super easy.
  • Marvelous customer service. In fact, you are going to have thousands of questions and they will sit there and answer every one of them.
  • Great Price Points or just the budget. With IKEA you are able to get some amazing looks and feel comfortable that you are getting a really good kitchen on a great budget with a great price point.
  • And the last but not the least thing which is nothing to sneeze at, is they have great warranties.  Some of their stuff can even be warrantied for twenty-five tears. It is incredible! In addition, they have a 365 parts support area in all of their stores, so that’s truly amazing! You can find that with a custom kitchen.


  • Ease of Website. It is kind of awkward to use. Instead, you can use their cool and illustrative catalog. So, go to the catalog, put some stuff together and then absolutely categorically go in and talk to a kitchen planner. They can help you to streamline stuff that you have never even dreamed of. It’s a good resource by way of a con.
  • The biggest con of all is that you can’t carry the stuff home by yourself. So, if you would like to live a stress-free life, you never want a DIY delivery or installation of a kitchen. It’s kind of a crazy thing as there are so many moving parts.

Unless you are a GC and you are best served to allocate part of your budget to delivery and professional installation. They are both kind of big projects and they are a little bit of an addition to the number, but you’re already working with budget-oriented product, so you’re good there.

The Button Line

The upshot is if you want a designer kitchen, but you are on a budget, you can definitely make this happen with IKEA. You will have to add a little more time into planning and you are surely want to include an installer, but in the end, you are going to be good to go with a gorgeous kitchen. You are done!

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