Accurate calculation: useful recommendations for the selection of dimensions of kitchen furniture IKEA

Before purchasing a new kitchen, it is important to pay enough attention to its calculation. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the room, the height of the hostess, and much more.

The process of choosing and purchasing kitchen furniture is very responsible, exciting and far from simple. Naturally, every person wants to see it perfect, matching the given area of the room. What should be the selected furniture set? Despite the simplicity of the question, not everyone is able to answer it in reality, all the more difficult to design and calculate the kitchen.

Kitchen outline using IKEA Home Planner

The program is provided free of charge on the network by the manufacturer and has a fairly simple interface. It includes the necessary set of furniture, elements and accessories that relate directly to the manufacturer.

You can search for furniture in the following ways: visit the relevant IKEA stores or use the prepared catalog. A large number of manufacturers offer their models and types of furniture sets with a different number of cabinets, shelves, drawers, unequal methods of their location, various designs of tabletops, handles, built-in appliances, their covering options and sizes.

A large number of ready-made samples creates special convenience when searching, but an impeccable option can be achieved by designing a kitchen on your own. Then the acquired set will be a reflection of the tastes and preferences of each person.

First of all, it is important to determine the appearance of the kitchen, for which purpose schematic sketches are made on paper. You can connect your household to the creative process. After such a calculation of the kitchen is done, you can safely order the desired option. At this stage, it is important to calculate the dimensions of the furniture itself, its completeness with household appliances and the overall compliance with the established parameters. This way the search time is noticeably reduced, so you can choose what you need.

How to choose the size of the facade?

The manufacture of any kitchen furniture is the dissimilarity of the parameters of doors and drawers. Almost all IKEA kitchen sizes are standard, although the production of single options, designed for furniture that does not fit into the overall grid in width and height, is not ruled out. It is known that the price of samples made on individual orders will be 20% higher. When calculating the kitchen, it is important to consider the unevenness of the floor and walls, while choosing the minimum dimensions.

Buying furniture with expensive facades will result in additional costs, therefore, during the preparation of calculations it is important to know the parameters of the furniture of interest. Fitting to a standard dimensional grid will significantly save personal savings.

Calculation samples

Using established standards for the dimensions of kitchen facades, you can calculate the parameters of the modules. So, in order to find out the height of the lower cabinets, it is necessary to add up similar facade indicators with the s


ize of the gap left between the tabletop and the upper edge of the outer cover. Add the distance indicators of the lower boundary of the modules and the floor to the resulting number.

The upper base is calculated as follows: add 2 mm to the data of the height of the cover, corresponding to the gap in the upper and lower parts of the cabinet. This method allows you to make an accurate calculation of the kitchen, then the set will ideally fit the area of the room, which means that its cost will be the lowest.

When calculating the gaps, it should be taken into account that according to the norm, they are not taken into account, but nevertheless, a size of 1-3 mm for each box will create significant differences, so they should be taken into account.

All of these tips and recommendations will help you avoid mistakes when choosing IKEA kitchen sizes. The furniture set, selected in accordance with the calculated standards, will delight households with decent quality, convenience and functionality for a long period.


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