The role of the bar counter in the apartment

The role of the bar counter in the apartment: from aesthetic appeal to functionality

The bar counter can be made of different materials, have different sizes and shapes, be equipped with drawers and shelves at the request of the owners.

Now many modern apartments boast the presence of a bar counter in the kitchen. This element has long become fashionable, and is in demand not only in public institutions, but also in residential buildings. Moreover, the bar counter can have a different design, its choice depends on the style of the interior and the dimensions of the room, as well as on the personal preferences of the owners. If necessary, the counter can well replace a dining table, become a place for quick snacks and tea parties, and also in its design can be cabinets, drawers and other items for storing kitchen utensils.

Bar counters are suitable for those who are fortunate enough to have a private house or studio apartment, they may well complement the kitchen interior with a counter of any shape, size and style, for example, by IKEA.

Advantages and disadvantages

Bar counters are not just a stylish and sought-after element of furniture for the kitchen, but also have many other positive qualities. These include:

  • Ability to replace the dining table. If the kitchen has a counter with a spacious tabletop, then it may well play the role of a dining table. Of course, if the family is very large, or the owners often like to have dinner parties, then one bar counter is not enough. You will have to provide additional dining planes, such as a folding, sliding IKEA table or a transformer option.
  • Convenient storage. The stationary bar counter may have built-in drawers, shelves or pull-out elements in its design for comfortable storage of necessary kitchen utensils. In addition, this piece of furniture is able to fulfill its direct function – to serve as a bar, with alcoholic and other drinks stored in it. To do this, you can integrate a mini-fridge into the casing.
  • A place for snacks. A compact stand for two to three people can serve as a place for breakfast, light snacks and tea parties. In this case, it will save valuable time that will be spent on laying the table, and then on cleaning it.
  • Zoning element. If the kitchen is combined with a living room or dining room, then the bar counter can serve as a good separator of two functional zones. In this case, you do not have to come up with something else, like a screen, drywall or other decorative partitions.
  • Functionality. Manufacturers of furniture components and fittings, including IKEA, offer many convenient and useful parts for bar counters. For example, all kinds of pot racks, mesh elements, holders for glasses, mugs, etc.
  • A wide selection of materials. Like other pieces of furniture, bar counters for the kitchen can be made of various materials: wood, glass, stone, metal, MDF and chipboard, plastic, etc.

In addition to the positive qualities of the counters, there are also disadvantages:

High tabletop. Traditionally, the countertop is slightly higher than the standard dining table and special high chairs should be used for it. Perhaps this will not be convenient for everyone, for example, elderly people living in the family and small children.

In addition, in a large family, the bar counter cannot replace a full-fledged dining table, so its presence will be necessary.

Varieties of designs

For the home, you can use counters of different designs, shapes and sizes. The main thing is to take into account the dimensions of the space. If the area is small, then the bar in the kitchen, occupying half the room and blocking access to other furniture, will cause discomfort rather than positive emotions.

The following popular designs can be identified:

  1. Stationary. The standard height of such a counter is 1200 mm from the floor. It can have a different shape, size and design, as well as be made of any suitable material. This type of counters can serve as a continuation of the kitchen set or stand alone, assume only a countertop on the supports in the design, or use as a basis cabinet with shelves, drawers, storage containers, etc.
  2. Combined. An excellent solution for a small room will be a bar counter, combined into a single unit with a dining table. The height of the countertops here is within 900 mm. An ordinary chair or stool is suitable for it.
  1. Two-level. Such options are convenient not only as a place for snacks, but also as an additional work plane, since the design involves the presence of two countertops located at different levels. Such a counter can be used to zone a spacious studio, separating the kitchen from the living room.

Advice! When the kitchen is very small, you can use the lightweight version of the bar counter. In this case, the design will be a countertop attached to a wall or to the furniture body. If necessary, it can be easily decomposed and rested on a leg or console. In addition to folding, there are also retractable and transforming options.


The design of bar counters uses a variety of materials, both traditional and modern. This opens up wide scope for imagination and allows to make a model in any design and style. Kitchens with a bar counter can be ordered at a furniture company according to individual sizes and wishes, for example, at IKEA, you can buy a ready-made one in a store or make it yourself by following the instructions with photos.

Among the popular materials from which bar counters for home can be made, there are: wood, MDF, plastic, glass, drywall.


Furniture made of precious wood is not only beautiful in appearance, but also practical. Quality products can last for many years and not lose their attractive appearance. Wooden kitchens with an IKEA bar counter will become a real highlight and will add status and elegance to the interior. Such options are appropriate in different styles: from classic to modern and country.


MDF is very popular among materials for the manufacture of kitchen and other furniture, both in the apartment and in luxury homes. It is relatively cheaper than natural wood, but this does not mean that it will be worse in operation. A fiberboard may have a different surface decor. The cheapest is film coating, the most expensive is enameling. The second type is preferable for the kitchen, since the paint makes the plate resistant to temperature extremes, moisture, steam, and, therefore, deformation. In addition, the color of MDF can be any, and the surface can be matte or glossy.


Budget option for the manufacture of furniture. The bar counter in the apartment is most often found in plastic. The choice of color scheme of the surface is wide enough. But it is unlikely that such a product will last a long time, since plastic is not particularly durable.


Glass counters can most often be found in high-tech interiors. In the design, in addition to plate glass, there are also metal fasteners and supports. Such products look stylish, easy and do not take up much space. The decor of the surface can be different: plain, with a sandblasting pattern, with a dusting, with the printing of a photo or drawing, etc. A kitchen with a glass bar counter is a modern and practical interior solution.


Almost no repair in an apartment or house is complete without the use of drywall sheets. With the help of this material, it is possible to implement designs in the interior of varying complexity: from straight lines to intricate curved shapes. Drywall is also used in creating furniture items. In particular, it found its application in bar counters.

Metal profiles and drywall sheets are the basis of the design, and you can give the product a final look by finishing with decorative stone or brick, plaster, painting, etc. The countertop can be ordered at a furniture company made of natural or artificial stone, or you can buy a ready-made product in IKEA.

Kitchens with a bar counter always look stylish and original. Even in a small apartment, this element of furniture is able to completely transform the interior. Thanks to a wide selection of materials and components, it is possible to make a counter of any shape, style and design. Different furniture companies have original design options, including IKEA, and if you wish, you can make a counter with your own hands.

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