Swing Sets & Playsets choosing guide

Swing Sets & Playsets choosing guide

All parents want to give their children the opportunity to grow up physically healthy, harmonious, and comprehensively developed people. The features of modern means of information technology from early childhood sharply reduce the motor activity of the younger generation. Parents who want to harmonize the leisure time of their children, as well as their development, would definitely benefit from various swing sets & playsets that the market is full of today.

Swing Sets & Playsets choosing guide

The advantages of building a swing set for your kid

In the relaxed and exciting gaming environment in the backyard, any garden swing set allows you to solve many important tasks:

  • unobtrusively helps to preserve and strengthen the health of the child, correct deficiencies in physical development (stoop, stiffness, flat feet, etc.);
  • comprehensively develops physical capabilities and motor skills;
  • outdoor swing playset increases kid’s adaptive capacity for various weather conditions and temperatures;
  • forms and consolidates leadership qualities, the ability to work in a team;
  • due to physical activity helps the child to develop intellectually, because any outdoor game develops not only physically, but also mentally.

How to prepare a spot for swing set assembly

The area allocated for the best playground sets should take into account not only the design of the playset, no matter it is metal, plastic or wooden made, but also the age characteristics of a child or several children. Although, in many respects, the common is the importance of different criteria for choosing and preparing the territory for swing sets & playsets. Some of them are described below:

  • The allocated area should allow safe play and exercise for several children simultaneously.
  • The convenient location, i.e. it is necessary to take into account the optimal illumination and shading of the site, preventing it from being constantly in the sun or the shade. If necessary, you can arrange a light canopy made of a material that gives diffused light.
  • To create the most comfortable conditions for children’s playground set, it is also necessary to take into account the prevailing winds in a given area. A solid fence, a wall of a house with a canopy from the sun, natural or specially planted shrubs can be good protection. Do not use thorny plants and plants with poisonous fruits (blackberries, gooseberries, barberries, hawthorns, etc.) as a natural fence.
  • The possibility of making the optimal coverage throughout the site (grass lawn, sandy surface, rubber crumb, or waterproof mats) after installing the metal playground set elements that require strengthening in the ground.
  • Reliable isolation from nearby natural and economic facilities of increased danger.
  • When arranging swing sets and playsets for children of different ages, one should take into account the difference in interests and arrange the components the way that the little kids and the older ones do not interfere with each other, but can see what each one is doing. For children of close ages, it is necessary to provide the convenience of sharing elements of the playset (slides, ropes, ladders, swings, seesaws) to avoid quarrels. On-site adult supervision should be provided for kids of all ages.

Best swing sets and playgrounds materials, safety and durability

A playground is a small piece of a big bright world for a kid. There he experiences the first joy, overcomes the first obstacles achieving the first victories. For older children, it becomes a place for communication with peers and, of course, a real training device for physical development. Safety, reliability, and durability, as well as the appearance of your backyard mainly depend on the material of swings, ladders, slides, and other elements of the playground.

The main materials used for the best kids swing sets production nowadays are:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Wood (wooden playhouse swing set)

Wood is a safe, beautiful, and warm natural material that is much more pleasant to touch than metal. Wooden handrails do not get hot in the heat and only get cooler in the most severe frosts. Almost anything can be made from wood due to the simplicity of processing. Wooden structures are lightweight.

There are no difficulties with the delivery and installation of materials for the wooden swing set with slide assembly. Unlike metal, there is no need for large-scale concreting. The main disadvantage of this material is its high cost. And if a wooden playset is very cheap, like swing sets under $200 you need to find out what it is actually made of.

Metal (kids metal swing set)

The primary benefits of metal-made playsets are stability due to their high weight, as well as strength and durability. But metal slides and swings get very hot under the summer sun, and they burn in the cold in winter. In addition, they need to be painted periodically to protect them from rust and give them a more elegant look. Another disadvantage of metal is its hardness. The kid can get an unpleasant bruise if fallen unsuccessfully on an iron slide.

Plastic (plastic playground set)

Even staunch supporters of natural materials will not be able to refuse bright, smooth plastic in the manufacture of playground sets. This is the best option for making slides, regardless of their configuration. But it is very difficult for a layman to assess the quality and properties of plastic. Therefore, safety, strength, durability, the resistance of the material to fading, and the temperature drops entirely depend on the manufacturer. It is best if it can confirm the quality with appropriate certificates. The key advantages of an outdoor slide set made of plastic are as follows:

  • Resistance to any weather conditions. Withstand high-temperature drops, do not fade in the sun.
  • Strength and reliability. All structural elements are reliably fixed, which excludes the possibility of fast breakdown.
  • Retain their original appearance throughout the entire period of operation. Resistant to moisture, rust, or fungus.
  • Easy maintenance. The best backyard swing sets from plastic do not need to be painted or to buy expensive care products.
  • Affordable price. The cost of plastic elements is 20-30% lower than similar ones but made of wood or metal.
  • Possibility to improve models. You can always choose suitable additional elements that match in color and other parameters.

Another advantage of plastic playgrounds is that they come in different types and variations, also can be stationary or freestanding swing set. The main and, probably, the only drawback of plastic is that it is considered a synthetic and not a natural material.

Where to choose the best play sets

If you want to find and buy nice swing sets under $500 to bring joy to your children, you can browse reliable online stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Amazon to find the best swing sets for older kids and little ones. Several interesting options that definitely worth your attention are outlined below.

Jungle Fun Wood Playset

This lowes playground set made of high-quality solid cedar wood contains more than 14 elements for different entertainment activities which your children will for sure enjoy. Heavy-duty hardware and equipment are very durable and resistant to any weather conditions allowing fun-playing during any season. The manufacturer company provides 10 years warranty for all elements and accessories.

Jungle Fun Wood Playset

However, if you are seeking wooden swing sets under 500, you can easily skip this option as it is a bit more costly but much more fun. The main features of this item:

  • Made of durable and solid cedarwood.
  • All elements comply with safety regulations.
  • Suitable for children up to 10 years old.
  • Delivered with all hardware, parts, and manual necessary for assembly.
  • Includes wave speed slide, three swings (double swing set plus one), wooden and metal chain ladders, decks connecting bridge, wooden clatter bridge, and other components.

Due to its quality, carefully considered design, and components this playset deservedly got lots of positive feedback from satisfied customers.

feedback from satisfied

Mountain View Swing Set For Teenagers

Another great naturally-made playground installation near me that is for sale at Lowe’s. Using solid and high-quality wood ensures durability and long shelf life. Your kids will for sure spend hours rock-climbing, sliding, racing, digging on this jungle gym swing set. The sandbox located in the shade under the main tower is a great treasure-digging spot for the little ones while older kids can swing for hours.

jungle gym swing set

The key characteristics of this residential use playset:

  • The main tower is covered with a tap roof ensuring excellent sun and rain protection.
  • Contains two swings, sandbox, slide, steering wheel and binocular on the deck, wooden ladder duo.
  • All hardware and equipment necessary for easy assembly are included.
  • Using natural and resistant materials that meet ASTM Safety Regulations guarantees safe play for your kids and the long service life of this jungle gym set.

Considering all features and advantages of this backyard play equipment, it is fair to say that it will be a good deal for your kids and family.

Real Wood Adventures Walmart outdoor swing set

Excellent and spacious playset offered by Walmart. It has enough space and a number of elements for up to 10 children getting fun simultaneously.

congo swing set

The wooden seesaw which is attached will certainly become a favorite time-spending for your kids. All materials are safe to use and sturdy. Safety railings and handholds ensure a safe play worry-free playing experience for your kids.

The main specifications of the congo swing set:

Even if you are not a professional installer but know how to use tools, you will not experience any problem assembling Walmart swing sets for children and give a bunch of joy to your kids. Customer reviews and ratings confirm the quality and good value of this item.


Customer reviews and ratings swing sets

Double Slide Swing Set With Tire Swing

Deluxe Playset from Lifetime that can be found for sale at the Home Depot offers plenty of activities for your kids and their buddies. It is interned for residential use and children up to 12 years old. This metal/plastic playset combines all the good features of both materials.

Double Slide Swing Se

The elements of the playset are always nice to touch, cold and heat resistant. So, the fun of your children will never end in any weather! This metal swing set with monkey bars is a cement-free construction requiring almost no maintenance.

The major features of rainbow playground set:

  • The main elements are a hardtop roofed clubhouse, two comfortable wavy slides, three station metal swing set for older child, rock climbing wall.
  • The maximum number of kids that may safely use the entire playset including components is ten.
  • The powdered coating of the components provides reliable protection from rust and cracking.
  • ASTM certified lead-free materials for safe use.
  • Two adults are required for assembly. All necessary instructions, as well as hardware, are included in the package.

Fast and easy installation, low maintenance, and longevity are for sure the major advantages of this playset as reflected in the variety of customer reviews.

customer reviews swing sets

Safety issues

Whether you are going to use an indoor swing set for toddlers or outdoor swing sets for adults, several safety rules shouldn’t be neglected:

  • Instruct children not to walk close to or in front of moving items.
  • Do not move metal swing sets for adults while use.
  • To prevent strangulation and entanglement while playing dress kids appropriately using well-fitting clothes.
  • Avoid playing when the playset is wet or covered with ice or snow.

Today the manufacturing companies offer a wide range of swing sets made from safe and environmentally friendly materials, as well as easy-to-use and reliable hardware and fastening that anyone can install. Browse, select the model according to your conditions and bring the never-ending playing fun to your children!

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