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The Murphy bed is stylish and surprisingly functional furniture suitable for small apartments and dorm rooms. We should keep in mind that the expression Murphy bed means the brand Murphy. Also, there are many other ways to describe this bed type: fold-up bed, wall bed, fold-down, or pull-down bed.To enjoy all the benefits of a properly assembled wall bed it is better to entrust the task to install and delivery Murphy bed to pros having all necessary tools and knowledge of what to do. Skilled installer Murphy bed from our company guarantees high quality of provided services and cost-efficient cost.

Murphy Bed Show Room

Why Murphy bed is so popular nowadays

The history of the wall bed started at the beginning of the XX century when it was invented by William L. Murphy. Since that time both the design and the materials of the furniture have changed but the concept has remained untouched for a long time. There is a wide scope of application but first of all the fold-up bed helps to use limited space in sensible ways. Each detail of this piece of furniture is thought out for your convenience. Such a bed can save space in the room and easily become the central element of the interior composition. A modern Murphy bed can offer the following advantages to the owners of small apartments and large families with children:

  • Space-saving. This bed will easily fit even in the smallest apartment. If you choose this bed option then during the day you can use the room as a living room, study, or library, and turn it into a comfortable and cozy bedroom at night.
  • A good sleeping place. Unlike the regular sofas or folding beds, the pull-down bed keeps your spine healthy, since you can always use a high-quality orthopedic mattress for it.
  • Convenience and ease of use of the lifting mechanism. It is very easy to open or close the structure as the lifting mechanisms always work smoothly and silently.
  • Ergonomic. You can equip such a bed with additional storage space for better optimizing your living space.
  • Variety of models, designs, and sizes. A fold-down bed easily fits into any room interior project.

Now, let’s consider the newest bed’s collection. 

Basic entry-level Murphy bed (Manhattan collection)

The Manhattan collection consists of two items: Manhattan and the Manhattan plus. It comes in two different colors: a maple-finish material and the white one. Also, there is an option of doing a two-step crown mold. This Murphy bed opens just like all of the other types of fold-up beds. It is easy to pull back it due to the balance of the springs and smooth mechanism; the leg does swivel back. The same thing going back up: swivel back up and close this up.

Murphy bed(Manhattan collection

Fremont collection 

With this collection, you have a little bit more options in the color and the finish of this specific bed. The Fremont also has a traditional crown molding that could be stained in your color of choice. This just has a little more options than the Manhattan collection which only has two colors. You can either paint this or the manufacturer uses basic standard colors.

Utica collection

The Utica collection is one of the kinds of Fremont. It also can be stained. But it has a few moldings on the face of it. You can also have a choice of your different colors of handles and styles. This bed also has traditional crown molding. The crown molding on this bed and any beds moving forward could be changed up to a cove base. This bed also opens the same way: the leg swivels over. All the beds have a standard 16-inch headboard. As an additional option and an upgrade, you could do led lights on any of these beds. It would be an interesting upgrade.

Murphy bed led


The Berkshire has a more shaker style. It has made out of oak material and it is stained dark special walnut color. The features the same components and mechanisms, the frames are the same across all of the Murphy beds.

Murphy beds wood

This one has a traditional crown molding and that could be changed to a cove molding, but it works the same way. If we consider the mechanism and the bed frame, all the Murphy beds have a metal frame that the panels screw onto in a very durable way. These bed frames can handle up to 1400 pounds is the weight rated for these beds on any twin full or queen size. The spring mechanisms are all the same just the different springs are used. The quantity springs are changed up from the different weights of the mattress and the bed frame.

The Hampton collection

It is the most elegant and the most popular collection. It is painted in grey color. This bed has two side cabinets you can add any additional ones. The manufacturer has seven different options of cabinet styles for any bed of this collection. If the customer prefers another style, it would be made in another finish.

Murphy bed manhettan

Also, the fold-up bed can have a glass shelving, nightstand pulls out option. It has a door and some drawers that could be accommodated in the cabinets. The basic option and the way of works are the same.

Davenport collection

This one is a multi-function bed with a desk option. The desk is stationary. On the side, it would have a little nightstand without any upper cabinets, a very nice nightstand pull out along with a door at the bottom. This bed is one of those helping you to convert your bedroom into an office. The desk cannot fold up but what is nice and unique is that everything on this table stays in a stationary position when you fold up the bed. So, you don’t have to clear out when you are finished and you want to use the bed. When a user pulls out the bed the desk itself just swivels and but stays on that same level. The horizontal bed can be incorporated when you have an issue with your ceiling height. A horizontal bed is laid sideways instead of vertically and it works well. Just pull back and it opens with the leg being swiveled out. The horizontal beds don’t have a bracket on the top like on our vertical beds. Instead, the manufacturer offers a six-inch stiffener board that sits inside the bed.

Chicago collection

Chicago style collection is a more expensive multi-purpose bed. It is aesthetically very pleasing and it is a very shaker style. It also has a put-away desk on the face of it. This desk works well for people that actually want to put that desk away and so it’s not stationary like on the Davenport. Chicago also opens and closes effortlessly. This bed is made out of special walnut stain color with nutty alder. It has some oversized side cabinets with it and some glass shelf options. The bed works the same way once the desk is up and locked in position you can open it just like all of our beds. Swivel the leg and bring it down.

Unique collection

This collection is unique. It’s a Murphy bed couch. There are two different types of fabric to cover. There is a flat panel like on the Fremont collection, but more extended. When you open up the bed the cushions move out you have your bed to sleep in. When you are finished you close it up and transform it back into a couch. There are some oversized side cabinets. On this specific bed installed some led lights outside of the bed so when you’re sitting on your couch you can use it as a reading light. When you’re sleeping or you are on the bed you can use it as a reading light. It works both ways.

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