The sliding door is a great option to decorate your interior design and save the room’ space, at the same time. However, if you don’t install it properly or you’ve been using it for a pretty long time, the door can get a malfunctions.

There are a few reasons of why your door can get a defect:

  • If the sliding door is badly attached to the sides, it means that it’s fixation got damage, because of the weakened square-shape mechanism, called the stopper. It’s located in the center of lower rail.
  • If the corner screw of the door is broken, your stuff is going to have a clearance between the sides of base and main panel. This problem can be caused by applying an excessive force while opening the door.
  • The sliding shatter can fell out of the door, fully. In this case, the repairing is necessary.
  • If the knocking is heard while the moving of door, it indicates that the roller is bent or broken.

Useful tricks:

  • First of all, you should clean up the door, before it’s adjustment. Otherwise, some trash can pull up to the door and it is going to give the door a clearance that will gives you even more problems.
  • All the screws can be twisted in the help of turn-driver or a hex-wrench.
  • If any of the tricks listed above does not work, the only way to manage up your sliding door is to turn to a special service.

How to fix it up:  

  • If the stopper fell out of the clamping, it can be fixed back to the site by using a superglue.
  • An adjustment of the sliding door can be managed up by your own, if you fix the corner screw in the correct position. If the clearance appeared from below, then it has to be twisted clockwise. Otherwise, get it against the clockwise. But be very careful, because there is a fixing frame just next to the corner screw.
  • Unfortunately, it is impossible to manage up the broken rails. In this case, you have to change the whole fixing frame or change the base rails.
  • If the sliding door fell out of the frame, you’ll need to put it back, but the lower part of the door has to be inserted first in the fixing frame.

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