About us

When it comes to shopping IKEA furniture for your home or office our company is the right choice to save money and get the job done in a quick and professional way.

We provide a complete range of services associated with ready-to-assemble furniture including pickup, delivery, on-site assembly and returns. All you need to do is pick your furniture online and send us your IKEA shopping list or call us!

Delivery of other IKEA goods is also available.

We service throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and New Jersey and offer competitive upfront flat-rate prices for our delivery and assembly services.

We are not affiliated with IKEA and are a fully independent company. This provides better flexibility and allows us to address each customer’s needs individually.

We accept

Delivery Service

Delivery Service

Assembly Service

Assembly Service

Return Service

Return Service

Easy steps to use our Ikea Service

Create your Shopping List on the IKEA  WEBISITE

Shopping List

Create your Shopping List on the IKEA website Visit

Email us

Email us

Your Shopping List and desired Service. Request form

you quote

Get a Quote

Within 1* hour we will send you quote on our service. *during our business hours

We deliver and install your furniture

Delivery & Assembly

We deliver and install your furniture.

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